Reception Seating

Wedding Reception Seating Chart

Designing a reception seating chart during your wedding or other function is one of the most difficult jobs. Wedding is the ultimate function in your life. On your wedding day, you celebrate your love with the ones who you love most. You will surely want everyone in the party to be happy. No one likes to sit alone without having any conversation with his or friends as well as loved ones.

Organizing A Seating Chart

A reception seating chart is important for your wedding even if the number of guests is less than 15 or so. You cannot get on your way without having a seating chart for your wedding reception. Some people use banquet seating style for arranging the seats.

Before you begin your wedding reception, you must keep the following tips and ideas in mind:

  • Before making seat chart for wedding reception, know the venue’s floor plan.
  • Get the list of guests. The number of guests will certainly change by the time. Your parents may be knowing certain guests more than you.
  • Know which types of tables are available.
  • Look at the size and shape of the table. Sometimes it can be rounded tables or long tables.
  • Place the table in such a way that it can be moved easily when the dance begins.
  • Don’t plan or do anything three or four weeks before your wedding.
  • Discuss with your parents before you make wedding reception seating arrangements.

More Tips To Consider

There are several tips for making wedding reception seating charts. Your goal is to make people happy on this great occasion. So you should focus on that. Think what will make people happier.

  • While planning the seating chart, arrange the closest relatives and friends of the bride and groom to sit near them.
  • Use cards and assign seats to people. You can use tent cards or other card holders according to your wedding theme.
  • Even number of women and men are to be placed on each table.
  • The couples are to be seated next to each other all the time, when you are using round tables. If the table being used in long tables, then the couples are to be seated opposite to one another.
  • You should arrange in such a way that the guests can mingle with one another. It will be better if you avoid tables, which are reserved for only one family.
  • If there are old or disabled people who are using wheelchairs or walkers, make sure that they will get easy access to the table and also to the exit door.
  • You can also arrange all the children together and offer them some activities, which will make them happy. If you think, a group of children together will distract your party, then, arrange the seating of the children with their parents.
  • Be sensitive while doing reception seating arrangement. People should not be seated nearer to those who will hurt their feelings. A divorced man should not be seated near his former wife. Similarly, do not seat very young children with elderly people.

Once you complete all the plan, always prepare a seating diagram or display a seating chart for wedding reception, showing the assignments of the seat. This will help you for any changes at the last moment.